Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Set Faces To Stunned Episode 3: SCOURGE OF THE SPACE HIPPIES!

Space. . .the final frontier. . .these are the voyages of the Brothers D. . .their newfound mission, to discuss and explore the various STAR TREK series. . .to seek out classic episodes and beloved characters. . .to boldly go where one Fanboy has never been before!

THE END OF AN ERA! We say a fond farewell to Star Trek: The Original Series in this fully-loaded episode of SET FACES TO STUNNED: A STAR TREK PODCAST! From demonic children to immortal madmen, from encounters with godlike beings to body-swapping shenanigans, our sibling starfarers leave no course uncharted as they discuss the final season of the classic series and the beginnings of its legacy. Tune in as Ryan throws down the gauntlet on an infamous episode of the series and both reviewers do their best to endure what is perhaps the greatest terror the starship Enterprise has ever faced. . .SPACE HIPPIES! So make your log entry, set course at Warp Factor 2, and enjoy the latest exciting episode of SET FACES TO STUNNED! You don't want to be a Herbert, do you?

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