Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Batcast Episode 8 - All About Arkham!

Sit down with Cody and Stacy as they go in depth with the epic Arkham trilogy of pc/video games, from 2009's BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM to the recent release of BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS! What made for digital immortality and what should've been left in the recycle bin? Get to clicking and settle in for an exciting episode of THE BATCAST at this bat-time, on this bat-channel, in an episode we could only call ALL ABOUT ARKHAM!

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS ABOUND! If you haven't played the games yet the plots are discussed in broad terms. We tried to keep it vague, but you might want to play the games first. Fairly warned be ye. ~S

Where to find us: E-mail the Batcast here: batpodcast@gmail.com More links to follow, but in the meantime why not try out the podcast that started it all, The Fanboy Power Hour!It's pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

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