Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fanboy Power Hour Presents: The Super-Serial Part One!


Did the trailer for the new Nolan/Snyder-helmed Superman film get you stoked for all things Superman? Why not join Stacy on a trip back in time to the character's earliest days as we visit George Lowther's THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, the first ever Superman novel! Once a little background is given our intrepid hero launches into a recital of the first chapter of this long-lost piece of Supermericana!

PRODUCTION NOTE: Initially the plan was to call the series "Super Sundays" after the day it's recorded upon, but then I realized "Hey, I release the episodes every Wednesday so that makes nary a lick of sense." So it's the Super-Serial from here on in. I hope you enjoy it, and write in if you'd like more! ~S
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