Monday, March 18, 2013

Batcast Episode 5: The Batcast Returns!


The Dynamic Duo of FBPH return to the mean streets of Gotham after a leave of absence determined to dispense justice and geek out over the recent release of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS on DVD/Blu-Ray and streaming! Our heroes go in depth on their history with both Frank Miller's classic and their impressions of its cinematic adaptation and the affect the 1986 limited series had on Batman and popular culture alike. Oh, and one of the pair completely loses his mind over the portrayal of a certain Last Son of Krypton. I wonder who -that- could be? So slip on your cowl, get those atomic batteries to power and turbines to speed and roar off with our heroes into another pulse-pounding edition of THE BATCAST!

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More links to follow, but in the meantime why not try out the podcast that started it all, The Fanboy Power Hour! It's pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

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