Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fanboy Power Hour Episode 33: That Gorilla's Got A Jet Pack!

And there came a day unlike any other, when three young heroes banded together. Their mission, to explore comic series and storylines no one pop culture junkie could discuss alone. On that day was formed THE FANBOY POWER HOUR!

A FELLOWSHIP REUNITED! Ryan returns to the Hour to regale us with tales of his adventures in pop culture across the Atlantic and then it's straight to reviews of a slew of recently released titles! Comics discussed this week include SPIDER-MEN, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SCARLET SPIDER, WINTER SOLDIER, FANTASTIC FOUR, DARK AVENGERS, BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE, BATMAN, WORLD'S FINEST: HUNTRESS/POWER GIRL, EARTH-2, GREEN LANTERN, STEED & MRS. PEEL, CREATOR-OWNED HEROES, INVINCIBLE, MANHATTAN PROJECT, HARBINGER, PROPHECY, and SPAWN!

This week's picks:

Stacy: Winter Soldier(Marvel Comics), World's Finest: Huntress/Power Girl(DC Comics), and Creator-Owned Heroes(Image Comics).

Cody: Scarlet Spider(Marvel), Green Lantern(DC), and Invincible(Image).

Ryan: Spider-Men(Marvel), Batman(DC), and Prophecy(Dynamite Entertainment).

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